A Guide to Palo Alto Certifications

A Guide to Palo Alto Certifications

Palo Alto Next-Generation Firewall is the most Trending Topic in the Security world. Palo Alto fetches a vital portfolio in the Security Industry for working professionals.

When you are hired to work in IT, you dedicate yourself to a career with enduring growth and learning opportunities. In a field that’s always evolving, you have options: learn or quit. The Palo Alto certification is one that you need to stay updated and prove you’re determined to learn, but there’s more to it than learning.

Palo Alto Certification is one of the important milestones in Security nowadays. US Job survey states there are 10000 Palo Alto positions still left unfilled in both the government and Private Industry. Hospitality is a vital division confounded by Palo Alto, which involves Hotel, Casino, Finance, Cruise, and Banking Sector. Palo Alto Products comes with complete security suites to decrease High Business Risk and Vulnerability.

Palo Alto Certification Path:

Palo Alto Networks streamlined their certification path with PCCSA as an intro, PCNSA as the mid-level, and PCNSE as the specialist or level certification. Each certification is valid for two years, and you need to take the same exam or earn the next level certification to extend another two years.

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Palo Alto Networks Certified Cybersecurity Associate (PCCSA)

A Palo Alto Networks Certified Cybersecurity Associate (PCCSA) owns the knowledge of advanced technology available today to handle the cyber threats of the future.

Benefits of PCCSA Certification

PCCSA certification improves your up-to-date knowledge of cyber-threats and cyber-security.

Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator (PCNSA)

Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator (PCNSA) works for Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls to protect networks from critical cyber threats.

Benefits of PCNSA Certification

PCNSA certification confirms your skill to configure the fundamental features of Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall and the ability to competently expand the firewalls to allow network traffic based on who (User-ID), what (App-ID), and when (Policy), all while ensuring Security (Content-ID).

Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE)

Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE) works at deploying, designing, maintaining, configuring, and troubleshooting on different Areas of expertise in the Palo Alto Networks Operating Platform implementations.

Benefits of PCNSE Certification

PCNSE certification gives confirmation for Network OS Platform, which gives full functionality to improve your company portfolio and confirm your potential in Network Security Domain.

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Palo Alto Certification Salary and Career Information

According to Payscale, IT professionals having a Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE) certification can receive approximately $93,000 per year. Those with PCCSA or PCNSA certification might expect to earn a bit less than with the PCNSE, but to a great extent, leans is determined by the level of experience. Payscale lists the following average salaries for the PCNSE (in USD):

  • Network Engineer: $71,899
  • Network Architect: $122,607
  • Network Security Engineer: $110,000
  • Security Consultant, (Computing / Networking / Information Technology): $102,750
  • Senior Security Consultant: $147,395
  • Security Engineer: $87,500
  • Sr. Network Engineer: $115,000

Palo Alto certifications may be among the more straightforward certifications to achieve for those who want to break into the information security field. And the Palo Alto certification cost is very low compared to other Network Security certifications. Of course, many people pursue certifications because they are already working on a specific product.

Your determination to earn Palo Alto certification may rely on whether you believe that you will be working on Palo Alto Networks certifications in your career as an IT professional. Acknowledging the salary potential and opportunities for Palo Alto Networks certified IT professionals, it’s worth earning.

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